A Free Sentiment Analysis API

What's Kenzy AI?

Kenzy AI™ is an artificial intelligence analysis to predict the sentiment of text in either Chinese, English, French, Spanish or Emoji.

Sentiment Analysis also known as Opinion Mining is a field within Natural Language Processing (NLP) that builds systems that try to identify and extract opinions within text. Analyzed sentiment may be positive, negative or neutral. On average, it takes Kenzy AI approximately 0.35 seconds to process 5332 unique sentences with above 91% accuracy. Try our Demo.

Access Our API

  1. Register for a free account and Sign In to generate your API key.
  2. Get string $text to analyze (Bulk: Supports upto 10,000 sentences within a single API call)
  3. Call the API url: https://api.kenzyai.com/?key=[api_key]&text=[text_string]
  4. [ PHP EXAMPLE ]
    $key = "a366ab4cew1a819737ddb3f3c012efc6a35e90e4";   
    $text = "It is very helpful. Thank you for that.";
    $api = "https://api.kenzyai.com/?key=" . $key . "&text=" . rawurlencode($text); 
    NOTE: In the above example, we used the PHP function rawurlencode to encode the $text string according to RFC 3986. For more info, see the following examples.
  5. This will give you the following JSON response:
    { "sentiment":"positive", "positivity":"100", "negativity":"0" }
  7. Our free API imposes a rate limit of 1000 calls per hour.

Results Explanation

  1. Sentiment: Overall sentiment of the analyzed text
  2. Positivity: Percentage of positive sentiment
  3. Negativity: Percentage of negative sentiment